Volume 9, Issue 1, Year 2020


Pandey K.G.
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Education, D.J.(P.G.) College, Baraut, Uttar Pradesh - 250611 India

Published 2020-06-30


  • Handball,
  • Modern game,
  • Players,
  • Competition

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K.G., P. (2020). ASSESSMENT OF SPECIFIC PSYCHOLOGICAL SKILLS OF INDIAN HAND BALL PLAYERS. International Journal of Physical Education, Health & Sports Sciences, 9(1), 68-72. Retrieved from https://pefijournal.org/index.php/ijpehss/article/view/13


Handball is a competitive game, If winning is of primary importance in competition then the performances the player gives in a match is a determining factor in winning. Successful play in Handball is not the our come of power alone, but it is the product of combined display of power, shrewdness and ability. Modern game is characterized by accuracy and differentiation, which can be facilitated by absolute self-control and maximum concentration, quick thinking and a great deal of movement. The speed of the game means the player must be thinking at one moment about the attack and next defense. Tactical formations, move, substitutions, use of time-outs and line-up all have so many variations and have an effect on the quality and result of the game. Unlike in the past, modern Handball is not based on stereotype pattern of attack where players hit hard in standard conditions of play. High-class teams now rely on the artful and accurate sets, varied in the form and agile movers of the front line players to display skillful movement in offense.


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